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Get to Know Ap Financial Planning

Virtual Financial Education Seminars

Join us from the comfort of your home or office as we discuss a variety of topics to increase your financial awareness. Financial education is an important aspect of any long-term plan. Attend as many virtual seminars as you like. You’ll learn the answers to questions, including:

  • The important rules of the road for receiving Social Security.
  • How can conservative investments help you face today’s economic risks?
  • What sources of income should you draw from and when?
  • How to use annuities to guarantee income for life.
  • How does behavioral finance affect investment decision-making?



May 1: Income for Life – 6:00 pm
May 29: The Three Transitions to Retirement – 6:00 pm



June 11: Rollover Planning – 6:00 pm
June 25: Rethinking Diversification – 6:00 pm